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Fax Solutions from ICUK

Our Fax to Email service eliminates the daily hike to the fax machine for all workers. Each worker can have their own individual fax number for faxes to arrive at their desktop, thus eliminating the costs associated with having a fax line including line rental, ink and paper. The fax can then be stored, actioned or forwarded via email to any other collegues.

Receive faxes without a fax machine using fax to email
Receive Faxes Without a Fax Machine
We supply you with your own dedicated fax number. Any faxes sent to this number are received by our systems and converted into a PDF file and sent immediately to you in an email. We also present you with the opportunity to receive multiple faxes at the same time without the risk of the sender hearing an engaged tone.
Receive faxes in multiple locations around the world
Multiple Recipients
Using the control panel you can manage the recipients of the fax. You are not restricted like you would be with a fax machine to receive it to one location, instead you can specify that an unlimited number of recipients receive the same fax email.
Choose your own fax number

Choose Your Own Number
We have access to over 9 million local access and non-geographic numbers for you to choose from. We are confident that you will find the right number, either in your area of operation or on a more general scale.

Secure fax solutions from ICUK

Data Security
One of the biggest assets of a fax to email platform is the ability to easy store and backup received faxes. No longer can faxes go missing, or be picked up the wrong person. This can lead to increased retention of important data and accountability within an organisation. Each member of staff can have their own dedicated fax number for life.


Receiving Faxes

1. Sender sends a fax to your new fax number
2. Fax is converted and sent to you in an email
3. The email contains a PDF file attachment with the fax

Fax Pricing

Number Type Annual Subscription [Ex.VAT]
Local Access Number
(eg 0207 or 0131, etc.)
Non-Geographic Number
(eg 0845)
Cost to Receive Faxes FREE

Compare that to the BT Business line rental for one fax line:
£14.30 per month = £171.60 annual cost.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

NOTE: For customers requiring 20+ numbers, please contact us to discuss bulk rates.


Your sign-up can be completed within minutes and allow you instant access to our fax facilities.
Call now on 01592 858042

Our staff will be happy to assist if you have any questions or special requirements. All our platforms have been designed and developed in-house to provide us with high levels of flexibility.