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Unlimited FREE branch to branch (or branch to home) calls using your existing broadband connection.

OPTION A - Use existing analogue phones

With an High Quality Linksys ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter) supplied, configured and fitted to your existing broadband router you can phone between sites FREE of telephone charges, anytime and for as long as you like.
You simply plug a normal telephone into the ATA and you are up and running.
Installation Cost - £65.00 per site (includes configured ATA adapter)

OPTION B - Fit a new state of the art Linksys IP Telephone

Simply plug a new Linksys SPA941 IP Telephone into your broadband router and make those calls for free immediately. Standard features on the SPA941 include two active lines, a high resolution graphical display, speakerphone, and a 2.5 mm head-set port.

Installation Cost - £99.00 per phone (includes phone & configuration)

Ongoing costsNOTHING, no line rental, no call charges, FREE.

 Check how much you are paying for site to site calls and give us a ring.

Call us now on 0131 516 4894